uPVC Doors & Windows

Comfort has many ways to enter in your life. Windows & Doors are the medium – WINDOW WORLD proudly launches the most elegant & the most aesthetic Modern doors and windows with Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC). Window World UPVC doors and windows are made with technical support of Profine Group of Germany - which is the World’s largest manufacturer of UPVC Profile, popular as KOMMERLING Profile.

Casement Doors & Windows

Particularly managed for Indian Weather where the since last few years Cold and Hot has broken the record and gone beyond the control. Casement Windows are suitable in any type of interior decoration. It can be operated by a handle given inside and open in the angle of 90°. Most reliable hardware used from the point of security. It can be opened both side inside and outside.



Sliding Doors & Windows

At the time of Interior / Exterior decoration, people are facing the problem of limited operating space. Sliding Doors and Windows are most suitable for the limited operating space. Sliding Windows are available in different styles depend on the width and height of the Door / window like two track, three track and multi track etc. With the different number of shutters, sliding window can be helpful against the mosquitoes. It is windproof, waterproof and soundproof. All sliding Windows/Doors have special type of water drainage system which is helpful to through rainwater outside.



Fixed Windows

Fixed Windows can be used where there is no requirement of ventilation. It can’t be opened. It is well covered with rubber gaskets which is soundproof as well as weatherproof. Fixed Window can save, air loss of the air-conditioned room and due to that people can get saving in power bill. As far as Glasses are concern, we can use 5mm single glass and double glazed glass of 20mm.


Fix Window


uPVC Windows and Doors

Aluminium Windows and Doors Wood Windows and Doors
Water Tight Yes No No
Air Tight Yes No No
Resistant to Wind Yes No No
Elegant Look Yes No No
No weather Effect Yes No No
Long Last & Sturdy Yes No Depend on Wood
Dust free Yes No No
Sound Proof Yes No Little